Roof Tiles
Made of concrete materials for better protection and cost efficiency.

Supercool is a leading Malaysia's roof tiles supplier. Whether you are constructing a new roof or maintaining and repairing, we have a large selection of roof tiles in a variety of different colours and styles to suite to suit all construction projects. As the name suggests, roof tiles are the blocks that completes the roof to provide protection form rain and heat to the interior of the residence. Traditionally roof tiles are made from clay or slate. However, innovations have pushed the manufacturing line further. Roof Tiles nowadays are made of concrete materials for better protection and cost efficiency.

We have extensive experience in crafting beautiful roof tiles for Malaysian residence. We make sure we only manufacture quality concrete roof tiles with recognition among Malaysian designers. The color on our roof tiles are generated through delicate manufacturing process, without the use of surface pigments, stains or colored sands.

We make sure our roof tiles will only be delivered with natural colors instead of artificial colors. As result, the roof tiles will be able to endure for a lifetime. We also provide consultations on what kind of roofing materials will suit your resident, office or factories best because we understand purchasing a roof can be a large investment. We make sure the amount of money spent will provide the same level of enjoyment from our roof tiles.

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